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Established in 1998, our company has been made successful progress in the Korean R & D market for hydrogen & fuel cell and secondary battery & capacitor , semiconductor and automobile. This has been achieved by maintenance close contact with customer to ensure that their requirements have been successfully met by the supply of suitable products with engineering service and provision of a good after service to give the customers confidence in the operation of their items.

As importer & exporter and manufacturer, we think three basic areas which we can provide for the benefits of our partners.

1. Research and Development We constantly challenge ourselves in research & development to manufacture and supply competitive products and expanding our business areas toward more advanced technology.

2. Quality and Reliability These are the most important factors. We will do our best for quality and reliability of our dealing products. And we should always be on the alert for the customer's success in producing a superior products. We have to provide customers with continuous help to strive for improvement of their products.

3. After Service Proper after service is highly required by the customers and technical follow-up in services. We bear in mind the fact that supplying the best products will not solve all problems and know that nothing would be done without our endless efforts to keep up to date for after service.

Based on our recognition and wish to build fair society, we are making our best efforts to flourish the research and develop industry with sincerity and confident service continuously. We hope you can picture the possibilities of business growth with us and becoming the leader in your business area.

All staff of NARA Cell Tech Corp.